Love your… Willpower



Product Description

Enhance your willpower with this trio of essential oils, to improve mental strenth and determination

Are you having trouble sticking to that exercise routine….or any routine, for that matter? To help you make good decisions and stay in control, we have created the ECO. Love Your… Willpower kit, which includes Basil, Lemon and Lime essential oils. This kit will help to give you the mental strength and determination to stay on track when you need it most.

The Love Your… Willpower gift set contains:

– Basil Essential Oil 10ml: relieves mental fatigue, improving the ability to make decisions and think clearly

– Lemon Essential Oil 10ml: light and refreshing, Lemon Essential Oil is great for mental alertness. It clears the mind and aids in decision making. Lemon lifts spirits and is useful in times of mental fatigue, making it great for assisting with study

– Lime Essential Oil 10ml: fresh and citrusy, Lime Essential Oil is a good digestive stimulant, and great for treating sore throats and influenza. Mind & Emotions: Very stimulating great for treating anxiety, depression, fatigue and refreshing a tired mind

– Oil Burner: the perfect vessel for your essential oils, this beautiful oil burner will look fabulous in your home

– $10 voucher is included for your next purchase

The Love Your… Willpower gift pack comes with free shipping.