Cholesterol myth busted?


I am really excited about this issue being brought into the public arena. About time….
At the very least this needs to be questioned and examined. Paradigm change perhaps?
Watch second part of The Catalyst on ABC on Thursday! The program will examine the evidence behind statins.
Do they reduce mortality from heart disease for all the trouble they cause?


Conscious Conception

Are you trying to conceive? Do you know when optimal time for conception is? In a recently published study only 12.7% of women could accurately identify the fertile window in their menstrual cycle, despite 68.2% of women believing they timed intercourse perfectly. This study suggests fertility education is vital before invasive infertility treatments are commenced. Call to make an appointment if you think you could benefit from fertility education and a preconception program.

Fertility Week


This week is official fertility week. One in six Australian couples are effected by infertility. Do you know what factors affect your ability to conceive? Do you know how to recognise optimal conception time? Do you know how you can improve your chances of having a healthy baby?There is a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding fertility. Email me to discuss your situation.


Breast Cancer Screening Benefit Questioned

The benefit of breast cancer screening was questioned in the latest BMJ editorial. The authors argue that misleading (or downright deceptive) use of statistics inflates the perceived benefits and ignores the dangers of screening. Susan G. Komen for the Cure runs advertising campaigns promoting mammograms. The numbers used in the advertising are described as “grossly misleading”.

PSA Screening – Public Health Disaster

Prostate cancer screening by PSA testing – a public health disaster hijacked by people with commercial interests.

A recent Cochrane Review found breast cancer screening with mammography is from the same category of disasters.

Prevention will save lives, screening just leads to aggressive treatment, often where none is required.


Health Benefits of Tree Hugging

Tree hugging is actually good for you! Its been discovered that a layer of electrons surrounds living things (including the ground and, yes, the trees). How is that helpful? Well, free radicals which damage our cells are missing an electron, which makes them highly reactive. By hugging a tree (or walking barefoot on the ground) you’re entering a sea of electrons, which can then pair up with your free radicals and render them harmless.